1st Year   2nd Year 
     RM   RM 
1 Incorporation fee       1,888             –  
2 Retainer fee for Corporate Secretarial services       1,000        1,000
3 Retainer fee for Registered Address        1,800        1,800
  TOTAL        4,688        2,800


#1 Incorporation fee of RM1,888/-
Includes the following: –
1.       Unlimited Name Search for availability for proposed names for register of Company

2.       Free 1 Name Reservation with SSM

3.       Appointment of up to 3 Directors/ Shareholders

4.       Issued and Paid Up capital (RM1.00 to RM100,000.00)*

5.       Registration fee of RM1,000* payable to SSM for registration

6.       Submission of documents with SSM for incorporation

7.       Prepare the documents for First Board of Directors’ Meeting

8.       Prepare 2 sets of the certified true copies of the incorporation documents

9.       Secretarial Files

10. Free 1 Directors’ Resolution on Opening of Bank Account

11.   Free Approval Letter to Use Name

12.   Free Certificate of Incorporation

13.   Free incorporation consulting and advisory services

14.   Free Name Tag Display at the Registered Office Address



1.       Deposit for all packages is RM500/-

2.       Additional RM80/- for additional name application.

3.       Additional RM100 each for additional Director/Shareholder.



Authorised Share Capital* Registration Fee Payable to SSM *
Up to RM100,000.00* RM1,000.00
RM100,000.00 – RM500,000.00 RM3,000.00
RM500,001.00 0 RM 1 MILLION RM5,000.00
RM1,000,001 – RM 5 MILLION RM8,000.00
RM5,000,001 – RM 10 MILLION RM10,000.00
RM10,000,001 – RM 25 MILLION RM20,000.00
RM25,000,001 – RM 50 MILLION RM40,000.00
RM50,000,001 – RM 100 MILLION RM50,000.00
#2. Retainer fee for Corporate Secretarial services of RM1,000 per year 
Includes the following: –

1.       Acting as Named Company Secretary by our qualified Secretary.

2.       Safekeeping Company’s Common Seal (if any).

3.       Maintaining the Secretarial File, Minutes & Register Book.

4.       Advise on secretarial matters and compliance.

5.       Monitoring and ensuring compliance with relevant legal requirements, particularly under the Companies Act 2016. Regular compliance alert via email.


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